You are the “i” in iConsumer

By: Kim Logan | September 10, 2018

 Invested. Involved. Informed.   I was asked recently what the “i” in iConsumer stood for and at first I didn’t have a clue.  Coming from a previous site with an “i” in the name ( and the prevalence of Apple branded “i” gadgets and services, it seemed natural to me that our site would be “iConsumer”.  But … Continue reading You are the “i” in iConsumer

Letter from K.B.

By: Robert Grosshandler | July 06, 2018

Today (July 5) we got an email from Kyle Beamsderfer that I thought was particularly well written.  It’s a great note, and one I want to answer publicly.  First, the email: K.B.’s Email Good evening I have been using iConsumer for a few months and I admit I think it is a novel idea and … Continue reading Letter from K.B.

FAQs for Prospective Shareholders

By: Robert Grosshandler | April 07, 2017

As of 1/19/18 Here’s a quick recap of really good questions we get over and over: Q: Why should I invest? A: At least three reasons. First, because you want the experience of being an investor. Second, because you can be a part of addressing the 1% vs 99% problem for the price of two … Continue reading FAQs for Prospective Shareholders