FINRA Update – Slow Progress

By: Robert Grosshandler | August 1, 2017

FINRA is the regulatory body that should issue us a ticker symbol, the most important step on the road to being quoted on a market (and therefore, more easily bought and sold).  We began the process of getting our ticker symbol in January!  Because we’re a pioneer in the Reg. A+ space, we (and they) are learning as we go.

Yesterday we received our newest set of comments about our FINRA application.  These comments were from the broker dealer responsible for making the FINRA application on our behalf.

It took them six weeks to turn this around.  They reviewed the submission details for each and every one of the 2,600 shareholder names the submission covers.    Over 3,000 pages of documentation.

We’ll respond to it quickly.  If our responses are satisfactory, the broker submits those 3,000 pages of documentation to FINRA.  FINRA then may take whatever time it likes (there are no set schedules) to review the documentation and provide comments or issue us the ticker symbol.  In the past, FINRA has taken about three weeks to do its review, but there is no guarantee as to how long they may take this time.

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